Tiltster Trike Kit Harford County
The Tiltster by Mystery Designs is the world’s first trike kit that “tilts” into turns like bikes do! When Poppa Bear Custom Cycles adds this optional “tilting mechanism”, it allows for a new level of stability in handling and the thrill of riding a bike.

The Tiltster helps in the steering of a trike by breaking the steering similar to a motorcycle, which will practically eliminate having to steer the trike into the corner. It will automatically lean into the corner with our revolutionary automated control system.

This optional Tilting Mechanism can be added to ANY of our independent suspension systems at any point. The Tiltster will work on all of our custom trikes and almost ANY other motorcycle the suspension will work on.

Contact us today at 410-937-3766 to see if we can add The Tiltster to your bike.